Kimchi Festival

Since i wanted to go out often but didnt want to spend any money on the activities, i checked SNU OIA events’ website frequently and signed up for this kimchi making festival.
I was under the impression that i would be learning to make the kimchi, but when i got there, i found out that i have signed up to be a volunteer.
We werent taught how to make the sauce to smear on the cabbage so i was quite disappointed. It was supposed to end at 5 and starts around 1, but i left shortly after it, around 2pm.
Nontheless here are the photos spam:
it was a huge event, a lot of ahjummas. i think we are the only youngsters among them.
it looked very grand and nice though
thats where we warm our hands, janey and her sister
live music
me in my green vest. cui hair.
Konrad and I with the ahjussi. but the ahjussi didnt bother about us ;/
the kimchi that we were supposed to make
The staff who were in charged of us didnt do a good job. They had insufficient gloves and aprons for us. And they didnt really coordinate well with the organisers. Cos the staff went to each table to find vacancies then assigned us to the ahjussi and ahjummas. And they forgot about the language barrier. They asked us if we can speak korean and we said alittle bit. But communicating was hard , most of the time just blank look from each other faces.
I was quite disappointed with the organising as i have expected better. Previously , the Gyeongju trip was well organised, this was a far cry from it.
We left the ahjussi and went to find goddess Sinlin and Gina and joined them to make the kimchi instead.
hate my fringe, i looked so ugly in it ARGHHHHH , but ill just post the photos cuz the two girls look so sweet and pretty in it (:
i can imagine Gina and Sinlin becoming housewives.
They were super engrossed in making kimchi. Housewife material.
The ahjummas were friendlier and took photos with us.
sinlin gina konrad with the ahjummas
sinlin,konrad,my small head,gina
Aiseh Gina tie up hair look so cute
We got really dirty , some of the kimchi sauce got onto my jacket sleeves, jeans ,shoes. And my hair..oh my goodness, horrible hair day.
Konrad was like ,’ eek, the sauce is on my coat!’
But  its understandable because once the sauce gets on our clothes, it was hard to remove it.
My jacket reeked of the smell so much that i went to ewha after the festival to buy a new coat that i have been thinking of for very long. And i had to wash my jacket twice to get rid of the smell. I sprayed lots of febreeze on it.
love it when they released the balloonsss, heartshaped balloons. They should do it during valentine. *hint hint*
the aftermath of kimchi making : dirty clothes, red fingers & i smelled of kimchi
my red fingers after helping out
finished kimchi that is transported away
Even though today’s event didnt turn out the way i expected it to be, i would still check their website to look for more activities to participate in. Free events hehehe , so singaporean. click here to go to their website

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