Review on Hay Dairies Goat Farm in Singapore

As a city girl, I’m always interested in the animal farm life, or rather, explore farms in Singapore and have a little more unconventional dates with the boy. So when I found out that we have a goat farm in Singapore, Hay Dairies, I was super excited for it! 

In this review, I will be covering things to do at Hay Dairies Goat Farm and ways to get there.

What you didnt know about Hay Dairies

Founded in 1988, Hay Dairies is the only goat farm in Singapore with more than 800 goats of mixed breed with origin heritage from Minnesota, United States. 

At Hay Dairies, pure and fresh goat milk are produced and the milk comes in 2 different sizes (200ml or 800ml) and 2 different flavours (original or chocolate). 

My Personal Experience with Goat Milk 

I used to drink goat milk when I was young as it is a healthier alternative to cow milk. But I stopped after sometime as my body couldn’t get used to goat milk.

But hey, don’t let that deter you. What did not work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! Who knows, you might like goat milk more than cow milk after trying it.

Benefits of Goat Milk at Hay Dairies

Goat milk can be drank fresh from the bottle, it can be used in hot drinks, cereals, and from their website, goat milk suit most of their customers as it is easier to digest! Conditions such as eczema and phlegm can also be relieved by switching to goat milk.

Hay Dairies goat milk is also pasteurised at low temperature with no preservatives.

Covid Measures at Hay Dairies Goat Farm in Singapore

Due to Covid, there is a limit on the capacity, we went rather early around 9am++ to catch the goat milking session but we were almost too late. We almost didnt have a chance to watch the goat milking session that starts from 9-10.30am. This is because, we queued as free-and-easy visitors so entry was free for us. But there are private tour groups, so when a tour group comes, they get express entry. 

I was resigned to it, waking up early and not being able to watch them milk the goats. But with a stroke of luck, the queue moved faster in the last few minutes and we managed to catch the milking session, albeit as the last visitor. Still, it feels good, it was worth it waking up early for it.

I thought that goat milking would be done by hands grabbing the teats to milk it, but thanks to technology, they used devices to suck the milk, it was a mixture of interesting and disappointing session for me as I was looking forward to watch it being done the manual way.

What to Expect at Hay Dairies Goat Farm

After you queue to go in, you can purchase milk at their reception area or have some snacks at the “canteen”, those with families, you can let your children run up to the education exhibit to learn about goats.

Purchase Goat Milk at Hay Dairies Reception Area

Learn about goat milk at the exhibits

The next most exciting thing is to feed the goats. But wait, get yourself some Alfafa Hay!

Get some Alfafa Hay

Sharing some information about Alfafa Hay, it is from United States and it is high in protein, minerals and free from Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

So they sell Alfafa Hay at $5 per packet. We bought 1 packet to share. And off we went to feed the goats!

Fun Goat Feeding Session at Hay Dairies

As titled, it was a super fun session feeding the goats.

And goats are very smart, the moment they see us, they clamour towards us.

Watch us feed them.

Super fun, grab some hay and stretch your hand out to them, and watch them gobble up the hay.

In total there are 2 barns. 

Adult Goats at the First Barn

The staff split us into groups, and told us to move to the end of the barn. There is a feeding trail in the barn so generally the goats at the front at fed the most while there are still goats way at the back waiting to be fed too! So, my tip is, go all the way to the back, feed them, so they don’t feel sad. And also, you will be centre of attention as well with your Alfafa Hay ammunition. 

Some of them climbed up the fence to gobble the hay from my boy, momentarily I felt a little scared as they were taller than me.

There are some couples feeding the goats and mostly families with young children. 

Children are super excited when they lay their eyes on the goats, some children are abit afraid but after some encouragement from their parents, they grew lion courage and went up to feed the goats on their own with parents watching from nearby.

Baby Goats at the Second Barn

Baby goats (otherwise known as kid) are super cute, we love the feeding session so much that we went twice, visited both barns to check out the cute kids and goats. 

Goats are also very smart, I absentmindedly picked up some hay from floor and they rejected it. Then when I took fresh hay from my packet, they gobbled it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Hay Dairies?

We went there by car as it is more convenient. Otherwise if you are taking public transport, take bus 975 from Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange and walk to the farm (recommended on weekends)

Where to buy goat milk in Singapore

You can purchase their fresh goat milk from selected supermarkets/stores in Singapore. They also provide home delivery to selected locations in Singapore ( you have to order online or call them at 6792 0931). 

Or you can go down to buy milk at this address below.

Hay Dairies Opening Hours

For Farm visits by public:

9am to 4pm (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday)

The farm is closed on every tuesday

For home delivery milk orders, tour reservations and general enquiries:

The office is open 9am to 4pm (Monday, Wednesday to Friday)

Office is closed on every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday

What is Hay Dairies feeding time?

9am to 4pm (Monday, Wednesday to Sunday). The farm is closed on every tuesday.

Hay Dairies Pte Ltd Location


3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859

Contact: (65) 6792 0931

Email: order@haydairies.com.sg

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