Free Hanbok + Making of Specs at ALO

Today i went to M Plaza for the free hanbok trying session. I think its the only place where you can try the hanboks for free! We were supposed to meet at 10.30am to book a slot since you can only reserve it on the day itself. But we all ended up late, so by the time i reached, we could only go for the 11am slot. But that was okayys for us since most of us werent there yet till almost 11.  The staff helped us to try the hanbok, i couldnt choose any as there was only 1 hanbok that was S size and it fitted me well :DDD
satisfied, and i wore the matching headdress :DDDD
Reserve your slot here and wear your hanbok here!
Sinlin and I ! omg the hanbok totally fits sinlin. her hanbok reminded me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal when Park Min Young wore it and YooChun caught her.
act ge shy
Our only group photo, not everyone were in it T_T we didnt have enough time

Review:I wished that more time was given and more hanboks were available for us to choose from! But considering that its a free service, i shouldnt expect too much. Quite lucky that Yiyi told me about it otherwise i wouldnt know where i can have a chance to wear hanboks for free. I like that they have props for us, like fans, and many headdress to chose from. 

Its at M Plaza, Level 5. 

After our hanbok tryout session, i went to make my spectacles cos i was in a rush to have it done. This is because i have extremely high astigmatism hence my spectacles take a longer time than average to be done. Like for others, it only takes a few hours or less to make it. For me, it takes 1 day to have it done. And i will be leaving on 20th so by hook or by crook, i had to do it today. I chose to do it in korea as i heard that making spectacles are much cheaper and the spectacles here are nicer too!
Previously i didnt know which optical shop to make my spectacles so when i was at myeongdong helping my friends to buy their cosmetics, i chanced upon this shop that featured many celebrities wearing their spectacles so i reckoned that their spectacles are good. And they had discounts till 31st december!!
And when i went to enquire , they have a staff who speaks mandarin. Awesome, no more language barrier. So all the more, it made me wanna make my spectacles here!
ALO is just opposite F21 myeongdong

I had a free eye checkup, apparently, my astigmatism fell abit, other than that, my degree didnt change at all. Phew…

The way they did the eye checkup was different from singapore. They used more equipments than we do in singapore. Unfortunately i didnt have chance to snap any photos. After they did the checkup on my eyes, they let me wear the metal spectacles and choose my frame.

looking ridiculous in the metal eyecheckup spectacles LOL

Initially i asked him to choose a frame for me, but he recommended me a light coloured frame that i didnt like. so i decided to choose on my own. shortlisted about 6 after almost 1.5hours of choosing my frames, i took so long that when sinlin came back from shopping at f21 with gina’s sis and frens, she was like ‘ WHAT? still havent finish choosing?!’

sheepish me.
Thankfully the optician didnt rush me and let me chose at my own pace. i finally settled on one, and i chose the normal lens cuz my frame was around 119k won before discount, after the promotion, it wa around 80k++ won, my lenses was 30k, so in total, it was around 113300won.

Quite ex, i expected it to be cheaper. But i was like, aiyah already choose for so long, just buy it. dont wait and find other optical shops anymore. feel bad for choosing frames so long in his shop ,then if nv buy, ill feel very paiseh.

I was told to collect my spectacles tomorrow after 12pm, wheee cant wait to collect it!!

Ill post a review on it after ive collected my spectacles (:

After making my spectacles, i decided to go back to my room to rest for awhile before meeting Yuni for dinner at gangnam. Kinda regretted not meeting more often at gangnam for dinner during the semester. Eat at snu station until sian.

On the way home, it started snowing again, since ive posted so many photos of snow, il post videos instead. Enjoy(: and be jealous of me , teehee (; just kidding

took this video when i was standing right outside of the staircase to my goshiwon. My goshiwon is above a pub but surprisingly the sounds from the pub doesnt travel into my room. And its rather safe. No drunkards around.

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