9 Places to go for shopping in Seoul:

When it comes to planning our holidays in Korea, shopping is a must-do in the itinerary. You would have probably heard countless times of people recommending you to shop for cosmetics in Korea. Or you could be a lost soul wondering.

Where to shop in Korea?

Where to find cheap shopping in Korea?

What to shop for in Korea?

What should I buy in South Korea?

Where is the best place to shop in Korea?

It’s going to be winter and I’m afraid of the cold! I don’t want to shop in the open, I need warmth!

Oh , don’t worry about that. I’m also really afraid of the cold.

PQ vs her friends

Her friends: 2 layers of cotton long sleeve tops + winter coat.

PQ: 2 layers of turtle neck 100% wool long sleeved top + my winter coat. Occasionally I would wear 4 layers(including my winter coat).

PQ: 0, her friends :1

Yes that’s the big difference. I am THAT scared of cold.

Apart from that, like most girls, I love to shop but I always have trouble finding clothes that suit me. I am less than 1.50m tall but taller than 1.45m. I am Children L size. Not even XL. But I hate to wear kids wear.

The only time, I wore kids wear was when buying my thermal wear and winter jacket at WinterTime in Singapore. The smallest size for adult wear was far too big for me. And if I don’t wear thermal wear, I will freeze.

So if you’re still not sure where to get your souvenirs from South Korea, or you are clueless on where to shop in Seoul, do read on. I lived in Seoul during my student exchange programme at Seoul National University so I know at my fingertips the best places to go for shopping!


If you are looking for large sizes, or sizes that are bigger than those at Ewha/ Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre / Express Bus Terminal Underground shopping centre(GoToMall), shop at Itaewon. Sizes at Itaewon are much bigger as they cater to the foreigners and westerners. You can find many large size clothes there. I can’t remember how many X, maybe even XXXXXXXXXXL?

Gangnam and Express Bus Terminal

If the weather is cold or it is raining, don’t shop at Ewha. Gangnam and Express Bus Terminal are better options as you won’t need to worry about getting wet or freezing in the cold. They are underground. I love shopping there during winter!

Express Bus Terminal

If you are looking for bags, shop at Express Bus Terminal. The bags sold there are similar to Ewha’s but better quality and at the same price. I bought my mint coloured bag at Ewha, then whenIi went to EBT(Express Bus Terminal), I saw the exact same design but the quality was much better than mine. Mine was flimsy while EBT’s was sturdy. Both was 10,000won.


Ladies looking for shoes, please shop at Ewha. The shoes there are prettier and nicer. I bought a pair of wedges and it was super comfortable. The wedges lasted me for 4 years. And if you are a guy, Ewha has many more shops that cater to guys than EBT or Gangnam. I saw guy clothes, shoes, nice caps at Ewha.


If you are looking for unique clothes and on a budget, shop at Gangnam. There is greater variety. I felt that Ewha & EBT’s clothes are mostly repetitive. But if you have a bigger budget, can afford more, then go to Hongdae exit 9. Walk towards StyleNanda, while you walk towards StyleNanda, you will see many shops selling rather unique clothes. Not those mainstream but more of edgy type.


Go Myeongdong to shop for cosmetics. They have a lot of brands, such as Innisfree, Laneige, Etude House, Sulwahsoo, and many more! You will be spoilt for choices. Also, if you are travelling with ladies, try to combine your purchases so that you can get more freebies and tax refund. Don’t worry about the language barrier. They have a lot of mandarin speaking staff. Of course, they have staff who can speak English too. If you happen to also be travelling to the non-touristy areas, I would recommend you to get all your cosmetics at Myeongdong first as they do not offer tax refund at the non-touristy places. Do keep in mind, the tax refund is only available at Myeongdong and only if you spend at least 30,000won.


If you want to shop at Dongdaemun, don’t shop in the mall. The prices are a rip-off. Shop outside the mall instead as there will be makeshifts stalls and carts. Take note, if there isn’t any price tag, haggle! And if there is, still try to haggle if you can as some shop owners are still ok with haggling.

Only if you are keen to buy in bulk(x10 pieces) then it is worthwhile to visit the Wholesale night market at Dongdaemun.

Namdaemun Market

If you are looking to buy souvenirs for your colleagues and friends or family members, such as Korean chopsticks, or Korean seaweed. Korea is famous for their many flavoured seaweed! You can buy in bulk! Or if you are looking for toddlers clothes, go to Namdaemun Market.

Mario Outlets

If you aren’t staying near Myeongdong and you are interested in Lotte Young Plaza’s clothes. You can try Mario Outlets. It is at Gasan Digital Complex and the apparels they have are the same as Lotte Young Plaza. But they have generous discounts, like 30-70% discount.

Curious to know my favourite shopping places?

The main shopping areas i go to are Ewha, Gangnam , EBT, Hongdae and Sinchon


If there is no price tag, haggle!

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