Adjusting back to Post-SEP life

Gone were the days where everyday i would be planning what to do the next day, what to tick off my to-do-list.

I missed seeing snow.
I dont miss my shoebox room though, i appreciate my home in Singapore where i can move about freely.

It feels strange to hear familiar singaporean accents. I felt that Korea has a lot of things for me to try while singapore doesnt have. Life feels a little mundane.

Ever since i came back home, i have been on blogging marathon, trying to finish blogging all my albums. Half the battle won. Then my bestie asked me if i would be blogging anymore about my daily life after my sep, i hesitated and said no cos it wouldnt be of any use to anyone. Unless i do reviews, then it would be useful.

But my bestie will be going to Korea this year and she is planning to go for exchange either this year or next year with our other bestie. So ill do a post on how to get phone lines,etc. Whatever i can remember, i will blog it here. Also , if you guys have any questions, feel free to email me at .

In the mean time i will try to make my blog neater and easier for you guys to view. Still trying to figure out how the widgets work.

alright ill rest for today, good night!

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