秀 노래방 at Hongdae + Ice skating at City Hall + Emart + Yongsan Jimjilbang

Today was a packed day, as my days in Korea are limited, and i had many places i wanted to go hence i squeezed as many activities as possible in my remaining days.
Due to the lack of sleep as i have been trying to squeeze out as much time as possible to try out new activities , i overslept. When my alarm rang, i woke up and told myself to sleep another 5 minutes, and little did i know that my 5 minutes became 1 hour , i only fully woke up when julie called me and told me she would be late. I was like, ‘ OMG, i overslept again !!’
But i washed up as soon as i could and we met up at Hongdae to try out the glass noraebang 秀 노래방.
 I had always wanted to try out 秀 노래방 cos i find it unique as i can see outside, im not shy of people seeing how i behave in noraebang. like singing like crazy. dancing lamely inside. besides, im gonna be leaving in a few days, i dont know you, you dont know me. And even if you know me, you know that im pretty animated. In my own world. Self-entertain.
Because previously when i passed by 秀 노래방,  they had promotion from 6am to 12pm where its 2000won per hour. I thought i was by room, but it turned out to be by person. So me and Julie = 4000won. A little pricey to me.
But the decor in the 秀 노래방 was luxurious, the most luxurious noraebang ive gone to.
Here are some photos:
walkway to the luxurious rooms
Initially they gave us a very luxurious and big room but i didnt want it. I wanted to try the window version. So i requested for a change of room.  The window room that we got was less luxurious. Much less luxurious. I was a little disappointed that the difference between both rooms was so vast. But considering that i got the room that i asked for, i was like thinking ,’ argh, just make do with it .’
But when i explored the room more, i was less upset. Cuz it has a second level. And i started taking photos with it.
 hehe i liked that when i sat at the second level, i can put the mike on my knees while i sing. Cuz sometime i just wanna rest my arms. That time after skiing, my arms were so tired that i didnt have the strength to hold my mike as i sang.
me at 2nd lvl
julie at 2nd lvl
 outside view
right yi ge
left yi ge
 hehe the ‘trap door’
 There was another lcd screen at the second level. And it oversee the buildings opposite our noraebang. Not very nice view but oh well, just an experience. Once will be more than enough. As today was my 3rd consecutive noraebang session for the week, i ran out of songs to sing.
One thing i dont like about korean noraebangs is that they dont have audio.So its like if you need the singer’s voice to help you with singing, then too bad there isnt. And if you cant sing without the audio, then it is just sucky. Yes they have props, but we seldom use it cos it clashes with the song. I dont like to sing song then cling clang clang goes the props. Very irritating, imo as i cannot concentrate on the song and its hard to hear the music.
Halfway into the session, our controller had some problem and i tried to use the intercom system but as my command of korean was too poor to speak well. I couldnt communicate to them the problem with my controller. Then the phone hung up. I thought the person ignored me. But he didnt, he came into our room and checked out controller and miraculously, i dont know why, when he pressed my supposedly-spoilt controller, IT WORKED!!! I felt rather embarrassed and did the universal hand sign of sorry.
Back to singing session again, after our 1 hour was up , i was too tired to sing anymore. Voice dying from 3 days of noraebang. We camwhored inside. Pay so much must take photos . my mentality. HAHAHHAHA. singaporean’s trait.
Here are others medium luxury room. Our first room was the most luxurious. And the room we sang in was the least luxurious room.
Review: 5/5
The customer service was good. The staff could have ignored me cos he didnt understand what i was trying to say but he didnt. So that was the plus point that he took the initiative to give good service. The decor was good, the staff was good in the sense that even though it was just the 2 of us, they wanted to give us the most luxurious room but its just us who declined for the window room. They could have given us smaller rooms but they didnt. The only problem was with the controller, as for the mike, they had those disposable covers for us to put on the mike for hygiene reasons. Other noraebangs that i went to didnt have those . The sound systems was good too. As for the price, its a bit steep and the way they charged it was different from other noraebangs. For other noraebangs, they charge by room. This noraebang charge by person. So its steep. But considering the good service and luxury decor, i think the price is reasonable. Julie finds it cheap though, rich lady (;
Hongdae Exit 9, come out of the exit and turn left then walk straight , turn right when at the second street then walk straight all the way for about 5minutes. You will come to the main road, you will see tony moly opposite. cross the main road to tony moly and walk straight all the way. Along the way as you walk straight,you will see 7 eleven on your right, just keep walking straight. Eventually you will see a big Etude house on your left and a noraebang above it, i think that noraebang is another luxury one, probably the same as the on we went to . Just keep walking straight and you will pass by a open air carpark, the luxury noraebang will be on your right. You cant miss it.
After the noraebang, i brought Julie to eat at Sushi in Sushi Restaurant. I love this japanese restaurant as we can eat as much sushi as we like! Usually at snu station, the japanese restaurant i go to, a plate of 12 sushi costs me 10,000won. Here, i only need to pay 11900won and i can eat as much as i like!!! Filled myself up totally , i kept taking the smoked salmon sushi, lovelovelove salmon sushi. Ate until Julie could tell i was full. She was lamenting that she ate too fast so she only ate 2 plates.
me replied,’ see lah , who ask you eat so fast. you should learn from me, eat slowly , then can eat more. then it is more worthwhile for buffet.’
so for me i ate 3 plates of sushi, yeah my plate was overflowing with sushi. The chef looked at me in disbelief when i took so many sushi. He must be wondering how i manage to stuff all the food into my tiny body. No cutie today, the previous time we went, there was a cute chef (;
After a filling brunch, we went to myeongdong to collect my spectacles. Yes, i made my spectacle yesterday and i was told to collect it today.
hehe happy me with my new specs, i look so nerdy but the koreanish nerdy ^^v
Ratings: 5/5

Review: The service by the staff was good, even though i took 2hours to choose my frame ,they didnt rush me. This shop was frequented by celebrities as i see many photos of celebrities wearing their glasses. I like that there was no language barrier as one of the staff speak mandarin.
Direction: The ALO shop is opposite F21 . Ask the staff who are dressed in red(tourist direction staff) , they can help you with the directions to f21.You can get a map of myeongdong from them too!
After collecting my spectacles, we went to chill at Holly’s coffee while i helped julie to wrap the birthday present. Then i helped my friends to buy their cosmetics. After which i left for ice skating at city hall. Julie left earlier as she was in a rush to go for birthday celebration.
I met up with Ying Hui and Janice to ice-skate. Janice knew how to ice-skate while YH and I are beginners in iceskating. For me, i always need to warm up before i can ice-skate. Initially i couldnt balance well but after sometime i was able to balance and skate better. i think it was a big event cuz i saw many broadcasting staions’ vans surrounding the place.
 As i was supposed to meet Julie at the skating rink, i tried calling her but to no avail. So i resorted to skating first while looking out for her. Because her winter coat was very distinct, it was checkered as opposed to the usual solid colours, i was able to spot her fairly easily. Yay reunited!  Initially we tried to skate together but we kept on moving the opposite feets, so we decided to skate on our own.
After skating for 1hour, we had to leave. Apparently, they only allow a limited number of people to ice skate in the skating rink. This is to maintain a healthy range of air quality in the rink. If you want more information, please visit this website , click HERE!
tadah our group foto!!! from left: YH, Janice, me, Julie!
Rating: 5/5
Considering that its only 1000won and you get to rent lockers + skating shoes for free, its very very worthwhile. The only minus point is that there are many skaters in the rink and pro skaters too who zip around you and scares you when they zip too close. Well it scared me. Skating in korea is very cheap as compared to skating in singapore. I know right, cos korea has snow while sg doesnt have, so its very expensive in singapore. 
1) City Hall Station (Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 6.

2) Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 5.
3) Euljiro 1-ga Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 1 or 8. 

After iceskating, we went to Yongsan station to find the Emart as i wanted to help my friend find his seaweed but to no avail. It was my first time to the emart, it was hugeeee! You can go to emart to buy all your groceries etc, its a giant supermarket. Initially we wanted to go to the Yongsan Dragon Spa to have our dinner as i heard from my friends that  jimjilbangs have proper meals inside. But after asking other friends who went to Yongsan Dragon Spa ,they advised us to have proper meals before going as the spa only has snacks. So do take note that not all jimjilbangs/spas have proper meals available. Thus we decided to have our dinner at Emart as there was a foodcourt inside. 
Unfortunately the food sucks big time, or maybe i just ordered the wrong dish( rice + jajjanmyeon + teriyaki chicken). I disliked my dinner and lost appetite in finishing it. I didnt even finish it.Ugh. YH was still asking,’ huh thats teriyaki chicken?’ I was like, ‘ it looks so gross to me, the moment i saw it i lost my appetite. it doesnt even look like teriyaki chicken at all.’
Yongsan station exit 1. Its located in I’Park Mall.
Shinyongsan Station, Subway Line 4, Exit 4
After that we went to the Dragon Spa. It was very luxurious and pricey. It was 13000won for 8pm to 5am. But we werent intending to stay that long as we needed to catch the last train. So the max we could stay as 12midnight.
the walkway to the reception
they had staff who spoke mandarin which was good, no language barrier
quite atas
We were given towel and the tops and bottoms. There were sizes available , not free sized.  We were given keys and at the same level where we collected our towels and paid for admission, we placed our shoes in the lockers. Then we went to the females-only level to put our clothes and belongings in the lockers.
 They separated the females bathroom from the males . And when i went in, i was shocked. I didnt expect to see that much skin. Initially i couldnt take it, and kept my eyes on the floor then someone walked near me and i saw. i was like,’ oh no , shouldnt see it.’ so i decided to look at the ceiling but i was afraid i would bump into people and um, people’s bodies. So no choice, self-censor myself while i followed YH. Janice was feeling the same way as me. We both felt weird seeing umm too much skin. Only YH wasnt, she viewed it as art.
we tried the massage chair without knowing that we would be charged 2000won for it. We innocently thought that it was free T_T no free lunch in the world.
 As we didnt want to enter the public bath place, we just went to the sauna where everyone were clothed. Using one of the 2 towels that we were given, we tied it and wore it like how they wear in the variety shows. Some chinese nationals saw us wearing it and requested us to help them tie. I was quite nervous when i helped them tie it as i didnt really tie mine myself. YH helped me tie as i didnt know how to tie it.
first we tried the salt sauna.
 those are mats for you to lie and nap on
its very warm inside
 entering the sauna like towkay
 Other than wearing the towel on our head, we tried cracking the egg on our head. It was painful. But revenge was sweet (; poor YH and poor me.our painful heads. actually her head was rather hollow  😛 i think YH gna whack me when she reads this blog.
heres a video of our egg cracking on our head: (to be uploaded)
trying to look ahma and unglam here
the korean way of taking photos
the singaporean way of taking photos
After that i decided to try the public bath place with YH, my thoughts was that since im already here, and ive paid 13000, its more worthwhile to try the bath place. Otherwise i will regret it as i never try it . And so yup, i tried it. Not gonna leak too much info, ill keep it a secret. Ladies, just try it. After all, youre just seeing art everywhere (;
After bathing, we went to find Janice, poor Janice waiting for us at the stairs where all the ladies who bared all skin walked around her. We couldnt recognise Janice as she had both towels on her head covering her face. Then we went to collect our bags and shoes from our lockers and left for home.
Refreshed after the bath!
It feels really good to enter the bathhouse, soaking in the 42degrees celsius water. Initially it was too hot for me but after that i got used to it. Be careful if you are staying overnight, the staff told us that some people’s stuff got stolen. Because i didnt stay overnight, i felt that it was worthwhile that i tried the public bathhouse. i just found out from the website that there are meals available but very limited. So as a precaution, in case you cant find food that suit you there, do have your stomach filled before going!
Take Subway Line No.1 to Yongsan Station, and go out of exit in the direction of Yongsan Station Plaza (Gwangjang). You will see an escalator. Go down the escalator and cross the street that is on our right. You will see Dragon Hill Spa right in front of you.
okays thats all for today! 

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