Goodbye Seoul and Hello Singapore (First solo flight with Scoot!)

Just back to sunny Singapore, home sweet home except that , a few weeks ago, i started becoming confused on what is home to me. Is it Korea or my sunny Singapore?

Till now, i dont know. I still love Korea very much, frankly speaking, i didnt want to leave at all had it not been for my family and friends. Just now while in the van, i was remarking to my mom that i wanted to master korean and work in korea. Maybe that will happen, maybe..
Okayys back to yesterday, gosh i was quite worried that my luggage weight will exceed the limit hence i mailed back about 8kg worth of clothes, food and shoes. Winter stuff are very bulky and heavyyyy. Because my goshiwon is so small, i decided to pack on the last day. If i were to pack beforehand, i can only put my luggage on the floor and ill have nowhere to move.

Yes, its THAT small. Here are the 2 snapshots of how my goshiwon looks like when you open the door. The bathroom door is just a mere 2 arm lengths away from my door. See my fat luggage on my tiny bed. I moved my bed frame to the side to make space for me to walk.
I thought that it would only take me a few hours to pack, so i was planning to go ewha to dye my hair and buy some bags. But it took me the whole day, fom 8-2pm++ , then i mailed the remainder.
The room felt so much bigger when everything was packed into my luggage bag.
After that, i had a farewell early dinner with Jen, Julie, and Yuni. We went to eat bbq, a all-you-can eat meal, and it cost only 10900won!
A feast!
Kaela joined us halfway. From left: Yuni, me, Kaela, julie, Jen.
Directions: SNU station exit 4 , walk straight all the way for about 5minutes, the restaurant is called ‘Self bar’, you will see it on your left.
Ratings: 4/5
Review: the samgyupsal was rather fatty , i like the marinated chicken and beef. It was yummy! They have spaghetti too but it was cold and i didnt quite like it cold. We took alot of beef because it was just too delicious! Oh and when you are getting the staff to change the grilled bars(the thing whereby you put your raw meat on for it to cook) , do switch off the fuel/gas/charcoal(whateva , i think you know what i mean right??) before pressing the bell to ask them to change for you. Since its a buffet, and beef is expensive but we can eat as much as we want, its a very good deal.
After that, i went back to my goshiwon to get my luggage and prepared to leave. As my luggage was too heavy for me to carry it on my own to the airport bus stop , i requested the assistance of the goshiwon uncle.
The nearest airport bus stop was about 20 seconds walk from my goshiwon up the hill. Its opposite gwanak gu office. I caught the 2nd last bus and left for Incheon Airport. The ride was around 90minutes, and Incheon Airport was the last stop. If you’re looking for more info about the airport bus, click HERE .
At the airport, i had difficulty tugging the trolley away from other trolleys. But luck was with me cos when i glanced around, i saw a lonesome trolley at a corner and quickly went  over to it. As my luggage was too heavy, i couldnt lift up my luggage and was fretting on how to get my luggage onto the trolley on my own. Then i had an idea and managed to drag my luggage onto my trolley. hahah felt very smart LOL , self-praisal.
As it was my first solo flight, i was rather anxious and nervous and didnt have much appetite during the farewell dinner. Was telling Kaela i had no appetite, then jen remarked,’ and minjee still manage to eat 3 bowls of rice’ . LOL, heyyy that was small bowl, more like saucer (;
While waiting for time to pass cuz my earliest check- in was 10.15pm but i was already there at 9.30pm, i was surrounded by a group of singaporeans. Perhaps i was too used to be surrounded by Koreans and not understanding what they were saying, hence when i was surrounded by  Singaporeans and i eavesdropped on them(hey that wasnt on purpose) , i felt weird. I felt very withdrawn and didnt wanna talk to them . I dont know why i reacted this way.
While checking in , they measured my luggage to be 32 kg, thank goodness i bought 35 kg limit, so luckily my luggage weight was within limits.

Tadah just checked in !

Sadly, as i have a VISA so i have the alien registration card. I had to return it as i wouldnt be returning in the near future. I had a bad feeling that they were gonna take my ARC hence i selca-ed with it beforehand.

Unfortunately, most of my photos are the airport were blurry thanks to my shaking hand(tired  arms from carrying laptop and bag and luggage). That time, when they wanted to measure my luggage, i couldnt lift it up, so i was like’ uh could you help me lift up my luggage?’ and the female staff asked a male staff to help me lift it up. But i was abit upset that at the oversized baggage counter, when they noticed i had difficulty lifting my luggage, they didnt bother but chat with each other. *rolls eyes* But i managed to heave it on the belt though ^^v  Im stil amazed at my strength cos i dont have strong arms.

selca while waiting for the gate to open!
preparing for my scoot flight!
For my first flight, i had a croissant 
 Then for my second flight, i had sandwich.
selca in my seat haha

I didnt quite like my food as it was cold. But i liked that they dont wait for me to ask for my food but approached me with my food as previousl for my Airasia flight, i had to ask for them to serve me my pancakes.

I had to transit at taipei, it was abit ridiculous imo. Cuz both flights are on the same plane so i was wondering why couldnt the plane just fly to sg directly? Say if they need to refuel the plane, then why do we have to do custom check again at taipei?
It was raining heavily at taipei
we had to show the card zzzzz
Entering the transit hall

but anyway, after the transit, i was finally on my second flight. I was seated at the same seat, the window seat, to my dismay, cuz i prefer the aisle seat as the toilet is my second home.

sleepy me, heck i was so shagged that i didnt bother removing my specs before selca-ing. my image is gone already. no more cute minjee. more like book-faced minjee T_T

I was seated beside 2 guys, they were rather gentlemen,they offered to help me put my backpack on the luggage compartment but i politely declined. Cos i heard of people’s money getting stolen when they placed it in the luggage compartment. Not saying that i was suspecting them but i was being precautious that you know, when i fall asleep,other people can steal.
The guy was complaining to his friend that the seat was too small cuz he couldnt stretch his legs completely. I looked at the length of my legs and his and i compared, silently smiling to myself that it was a good thing i was so small sized that any budget airline i go to, i can always stretch my legs.

Here is my giganic bag taking up the entire seat , yeah the bag looks huge on me so i seldom use it in korea. only used it when going to Korea so that i can pack more stuff hehe.

Finally we reached Sg

OMG i love the automated clearance, so fast! i did it like in < 10 seconds? I was worried as to how i was gonna lift my luggage up from the conveyor belt but luckily there was a staff who noticed my small stature and he helped me with both of my luggages. Feeling very thankful.

Overall my flight was pretty manageable with help from the staff in lifting my luggages, be it i requested them to help or they voluntarily did it.

Achievement unlocked! Taking my first solo flight 😀

My parents fetched me and told me there was some xmas decoration so here we went to snap some photos

Alright, i have a list of albums to blog about, but i shall catch some sleep now.

Overall Review on Scoot Flight:
I heard that for some transit flights you need to re-check in your luggage , so i was glad that i didnt need to do that for my transit flights. The seat was abit small for me, but i reckoned that it was because of my winter jacket that rendered me to have less space. But considering its a budget flight, you cant expect too much. I was satisfied that they served me my food promptly but i was alittle disappointed that my food was cold. I have expected it to be warm. Previously when i took Airasia, i encountered delay. I was satisfied that i didnt experience any flight delay with Scoot. And luckily this time i didnt encounter any snoring passengers so i could sleep quite a bit.

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for the flight review! This will be my first solo flight to transit in Taiwan for Scoot's connecting flight to Seoul too. Can you advise what procedures I have to follow after the aircraft lands in Taipei?

    – Do I need to exit the aircraft? [You mentioned that you had to exit the aircraft. Thanks.]
    – Do I need to collect my checked baggage outside, go out via immigration, re-check in back into the terminal?
    [You said you didn't have to collect your luggage. What did you have to do then? Like…how to get the transit card and what's the next step?]


  2. Hi Pj Bo ,

    Sorry for the late reply. Hadnt been checking my blog much since the start of the semester.

    Dont worry, there will be flight attendants to direct you.

    When you come out, there will be directions to direct you the way, should you be transiting or proceeding to arrival hall(no transit).

    I just followed the rest as everyone was going the same way. i kinda followed those people whom i recognised to be on the same flight as me as all of us were going the same directions. like i heard them saying,' eh later we go back singapore, blah blah'. yup yup sneaky me 😛

    dont worry, you'll do fine (:

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