Traveling back into time at the Deoksu Palace on Hangeul Proclamation Day

Just came back from my SNU Buddy Group 2 outing at the Deoksu Palace, indeed, it was a romantic night with Jen,Yuni and Becci (;
We met at SNU station before meeting Jen at Nakseongdae and then we met up with the rest at the palace.
From what i know, it was the smallest palace in Seoul . It was a short – less than 1 minute walk from city hall station exit 12 to the Palace main gates.
We paid 1000won each for admission fee into the Palace. It feels funny, because right beside the palace is the modern buildings and right in front of us is the ancient traditional Palace. Like another walk back in time through a time portal with the Palace gates being the time portal.
A view of the gates from inside
Our ticket!
our girl clique group photo. me, Becci, Jen and Yuni, with Sunhyun being our Photographer!
 The mythical creature
 Sunhyun! Nice Backdrop of the Palace
A close up view
 Selca with my camera.
Yuni-eonni with Becci! Wish Becci could give me some of her height, she is more than 180cm tall! And she is younger than me.
The Emperor’s seat as a painting behind. On the painting, you see 5 mountains. The moon and the sun on the extreme sides. There is some meaning to it, cant remember again T_T , imagine,hundred of years ago, the kings sat at those very seats. WOAH
 The dragon on the ceiling – has some meanings also , sigh i cant remember
 One of the modern buildings inside the palace. The king was influenced by westerners and loved the western architecture so much that he had it built in his own palace
 The giant bell ,and clock beside it.
 random artistic photo of the western building in the palace
 Apparently, in the woods behind the information panel, it used to be other parts of the palace but it was demolished/razed/whateva, main gist is that, it no longer exists.
 One would see Pine tree everywhere in the Palace, this is because , it is the national tree.
 As you can see, pine tree depicted in the architecture of the korean-western fusion buildings
 The Jeonggwanheon (hall)
The architecture here has western influences and was built in 1990. Its the first European architecture ever built in a royal palace. Parties were held here . The interior has a korean style.
It is a good place for couples to go at night, enjoying the palaces scenery. Deuksogung Palace is one of the 5 Palaces and if im not wrong, it is the smallest palace. So if you dont have much time but you would like to se palaces, do drop by Deuksogung Palace and be awed by the beautiful structures in it! Btw we only spent like at most 2hrs at the Palace and we finished it!
Directions: Come out of City hall stn exit 12 and walk straight all the way, the palace will be on your left.
 After the palace visit, we went to have dinner ~
made you drool eh (; the food was good, except the pancake, it didnt quite suit my taste. love the rice though yum yum.
After our dinner we walked by gwanhwamun, and saw some events going on
apparently, there was a bboy performance, pretty cool !
King Sejong
these are the hangeuls that King Sejong invented, most of them are still in use today.
took 2 photos of the gyeongbokgung palace gates. Jen said that this photo looks animated
alright thats all folks (:
Visiting the palace on Hangeul Proclamation Day makes it very meaningful to me. Firstly, i get to travel back into time and admire the past architecture. Secondly, seeing King Sejong statue strucks a chord in me, as he was the one who invented the Hangeul and here i am, standing before his statue. It was a constructive and meaningful day. Enjoyed the night with my babes (:


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