Stepping out of Comfort Zone

In less than 24hours time, i will be flying to Cambodia for my overseas community involvement programme (OCIP) under Uni-Y ISP

Knowing that there will not be any toilet available at our accomodation ,  ive prepared alot of wet wipes and dry shampoo,etc. But still, i feel a little unprepared.
When i watched Ah Boys To Men movie, i was curious as to how the soldiers survive in the jungle and i was quite curious to try it out. But now that i have the opportunity to try out something that is close to it, like we might have to dig a hole in the ground and do our business in it or no bathing for many days, I feel uneasy. I guess this is because i am stepping out of my comfort zone.
Despite the uneasiness, im optimistic that it will be an eyeopener for me and also, a chance to experience living like the locals. Something that i cant do back home.
Okayys, time to start packing! No joke, but my food (energy bars, biscuits) are taking up like 1/4 of the space in my luggage bag.

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