Busan Reflections

Just back from my short getaway from Busan, I took a ktx from Seoul to Busan, to and fro. With the KR-Pass , Youth , i spent 67700 won on the KTX. I think going out too much took a toll on my health again and i fell sick during my busan trip.Bad timing, but luckily i took medicine and recovered most of my energy this morning, but just now evening my runny nose came back again. So gonna sleep soon.

Reflecting on this busan trip, i enjoyed the companionship alot, it was really enjoyable and i look forward to more of short getaways. Even though Busan is the 2nd largest city in South Korea, i  felt that it seemed to be less developed than Seoul, it was hard to find my Paris Baguette Butter Sticks( im a huge fan of them, loyally eating them daily and never getting sick of it) . The hostel that my friends recommended was pretty good, good service. Love the bed and blanket. And the kitten, very cute but i was too scared of it.

Going to Busan felt like i was being released from the fast paced life in Seoul, watching sunrise- an achievement for me since i love my bed alot. It was relatively more carefree at Busan. Relaxing, chilling at the beach. Ill blog more about it when the time comes.

Ill try to upload pictures of my Busan asap. but ill be doing it systematically, meaning ill blog on the activities that i have done way before going to Busan.

Pardon my lagness but sep life is pretty hectic for me in the sense that i do not have time to blog. And i have many assignments pilling up. Mid terms next week, Wish my luck eh (:

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