bodyluv addiction pillow honest review

Bodyluv Addiction Pillow Honest Review

Heard of the hype about the highly raved Bodyluv Addiction Pillow in Korea?

Check here for background information of this pillow. It is also recognised as an ergonomically designed pillow on Bodyluv’s facebook page.

It is heavily promoted on Korea’s TV shows and there are idols who were raving about it, such as Red Velvet’s Wendy. See the video below.

What’s good about Bodyluv Addiction Pillow

  • 3D Ergonomic design and it is for people who want to have a good night sleep
  • Contains 8,000,000 micro airballs that allow air flow, prevents the growth of bacteria. The airballs have high density and low elasticity to help maintain a comfortable sleeping position.
  • 100% washable

Recently my face had been having a lot of pimples and I was wondering, could it be my pillow casing cover? Or could it be my pillow itself? Mom had also been complaining of being unable to sleep for many nights.

So seeing the advertisement of this widely raved Bodyluv pillow and the many reviews of how good it is on Lazada’s review page, I decided to try it out.

I ordered the pillow on Lazada and received it 2 days later. Man, it was a super quick and smooth delivery. I love shopping at Lazada! But I’m the only one in the house who does online shopping and also occasionally, so it wasn’t really worth it for me to sign up for the Live Up Membership.

It came in this huge box as well as the pillow cover and laundry net. It was part of the free package.


I tried sleeping with it twice. It was comfortable but I find it hard to sleep in it and I ended up getting shoulder and neck pains from it instead. I couldn’t get used to the feeling of tiny micro airballs in it. The pillow was too high for me even after I tried to flatten it. When I sleep on my side, I dislike the feeling of the bumps of the pillow against my cheek. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

the bumps on the Bodyluv Addiction Pillow
the bumps on the Bodyluv Addiction Pillow

When I sleep on my back, I have difficulty falling asleep. At times when I try it, I sleep halfway until I couldn’t take it and I quickly swap my old pillow back to sleep on it instead.

I am a side sleeper and I have a habit of tucking my arm under the pillow to fall asleep quickly. But as the Bodyluv Addiction pillow is smaller than my usual pillow, the pillow couldn’t enclose my arm as it was too small. My usual pillow is soft so even when I tuck my arm under the pillow, the pillow will conform to the shape of my arm and enclose around my arm, making me feel secure. See picture below for pictorial explanation.

Bodyluv Addiction Pillow size comparison

I still prefer my usual fluffy and soft pillows. I love hotel pillows, by the way, they are the best in terms of comfort level. It is also smaller than my usual pillow

Bodyluv Addiction Pillow Comparison with normal pillow size
Bodyluv Addiction Pillow Comparison with normal pillow size

As for my Mom, the first night she also had a tough time getting used to the micro air balls in the pillow. But after a few nights, she felt it was more comfortable and it keeps the head in the same position. Even if you try to move to side sleeping position, the bumps at the side of the pillow keep your head in place. But she mentioned that one needs to get accustomed to it.

My dad tried it and couldn’t get used to it. The pillow felt too hard and too high.

The goodness of this pillow is that it is 100% washable, you can throw the whole pillow into the washing machine to wash it. Thus ensuring that the pillow is clean!


Getting used to this pillow takes time. For me, I tried a few times and I couldn’t get used to it. Would I buy more? Nope, I don’t think it is worth the 50 bucks. I prefer a softer pillow that isn’t as high as this Bodyluv pillow. My current pillow is less than 20 bucks and it is way more comfortable than the Bodyluv pillow. I sleep super well with my current pillow. So I don’t think it is worth the hype.

I’ll still stick back to my usual pillow, and Mom can have the new pillow. I also found out that she had trouble sleeping because of her leg pains and her drinking tea at night. And she was sleeping well with the old pillows. It turned out that according to my mom, my pillows are washable. I’m sceptical again. Maybe I should just wash my pillows then my pimples and blemish on my face would be gone.

BUT, if you are experiencing shoulder and neck pains from your current pillows, maybe you might consider getting this Bodyluv Addiction pillow since it is ergonomic.

If you are currently having good night sleep with your pillows and you’re a die hard fan of kpop or super supportive of your idols who are promoting it, you can get one for yourself and try to get used to the micro air balls in the pillow.

Hope this helps you in your shopping for bodyluv pillow!

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  1. Hi Peiqi,

    Couldn’t find a comment box for the cruise trip, so i thought i will leave a comment here instead.

    May i ask how much does the cruise trip cost? Was it crowded during the dining period?

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos by the way. 🙂

    1. Hi The Boy Who Procrastinates,

      Thanks for highlighting that to me! I sure didn’t see the comment box at the cruise trip page. Gonna do something about it!
      For the whole trip, it cost about SGD 940. Yes, it was always crowded at the Sapphire Dining Room, but the queue also moves super fast! I really recommend to have all meals at Sapphire Dining Room, the food is super good! Whereas for Windjammer, it is buffet dining, lots of seats available.

      Glad that you like it!

  2. Hi Peiqi, just fyi, the aftersales service of bodyluv is terrible. We purchased one and it was defective, literally breaking up internally after it was washed as per the manufacturer’s instructions. We contacted the company and they refused both a refund, or exchange or any other form of recompense (even partial). First thing they did was to blame us. They did not even bother to suggest collection for investigation, and it had to be us to even mention this before they thought about it.

    I think for the good of your readers and followers, might be worth highlighting that they are on their own once they purchase the pillow.

  3. This was my 2nd time purchase the pillow . First product is gift for my husband,was really super good .he love it . After he sleep ,his shoulder ache is lesser. However I was have 2nd purchase for my self . But it come different quality. Softer than the first pillow. Don’t know why standard drop, isn’t it because of under promotion . Hope product can standardised. Thanks

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