Nakseongdae Park Autumn Leaves Foliage

I never knew that autumn is the shortest season, hence I kept thinking that when I’m free I’ll go and collect the leaves. It was until I told YH about my plans and she exclaimed to me,’ You must hurry! The leaves are turning very fast and in no time, they will be falling off the trees already!’

And so the race against time to collect the autumn leaves.

We went to Nakseongdae park as YH heard that the leaves there are beautiful. And oh boy, it was gorgeous! Let the photos whisk you away to the Nakseongdae Park:

with pop art function on my camera
without pop art function on my camera
 the little boy wanted me to snap a photo of him, unfortunately, I didnt see him, YH saw it and told me. Then when i wanted to snap a photo of him, he was with his parents. Aiyah… no fate
smelling the flowers
the red YH
 tried a closeup shot at the bee. Right after taking the photo, i hurried away from it. I think i must have been a funny sight.
YH selca-ing
I think we only spent around 2hours before we finished exploring the entire park. The park was not as big as we have expected. And there were many families and children running around. I automatically kept a safe distance between myself and the soccer team, phobia of getting hit by the ball. This is because, in my primary school days, I fractured my finger when my friend accidentally kicked the ball in my direction and I was unaware of the incoming ball.

Nakseongdae Park Review:

If you stay nearby and you want to look for beautiful autumn scenery without travelling far to Ewha to view the foliage, then this would be the best place.
It is also near SNU, so after viewing the scenery, you can also go to Gwanaksan to hike or see some more scenery.
If you have time constraints, then again this park is a good place to go to view the scenery since it isn’t big. Also, there is a fitness corner in this park, im not too sure the location but from what i heard, its on the hill. Do check for the directions before going


Nakseongdae Station (Subwway Line 2) Exit 4
Address: 08799, 77 Nakseongdae-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

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